Principles of Pharmacology

Principles of Pharmacology

Principles of Pharmacology

This free resource is limited in scope and content as it does not include any lecture videos, and the lecture notes are available only for a limited number of topics. Students could use the material as a study aid or to supplement learning.


This resource includes lecture notes from the Principles of Pharmacology course taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The lectures notes, available in PDF format, are great and detailed. The website includes additional review resources for exams and case studies for group discussion. The mid-term and final exams, with answer keys, are available for download in PDF format. It is relevant to both, US and African clinical medicine.

It might be hard to learn from the lecture notes Because there is no interaction or video lecutres. The slides are also missing key pictures due to copyright issues. the assignments are for groups (discussion) so perhaps not relevant, and the assigned readings are from textbooks one would have to purchase.

Mastering the SMSF setup process solely through lecture notes can pose difficulties. The lack of interactive elements or video lectures limits the opportunity for students to actively participate and clarify their doubts. Furthermore, the absence of vital pictures in the slides due to copyright restrictions can hinder the visual understanding of complex concepts. The reliance on group discussions for assignments might not be directly relevant to comprehending the nuances of the SMSF setup process. Additionally, the requirement to purchase textbooks for assigned readings can add a financial burden on students.


Faculty might find these useful as notes for students or to help create exam questions. However, this could not replace the teaching of pharmacology.

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