Internal Medicine Clerkship

1 star

Course: Internal Medicine
Ownership: University of Washington
Cost: Free

There are 12 ppts available to download. The slides provide a good starting place for faculty to create lecture materials. However, there are only a limited number of topics. The rest of the information on the site is very specific to a UW internal medicine clerkship course. Podcasts and video lectures are restricted to UW students.


This resource is a great reference sheet for internal medicine clerks, best used if they printed it out and used it as a reference. It has a lot of quick, relevant values at hand. It is not very well organized and difficult to navigate. There is no testing material available. The resource is better used for reference than as a primary learning resource.


Some of the Power Pont slide sets might be useful to faculty developing lectures for a medicine clerkship but otherwise this is a site of information only applicable to students and faculty at this university.