Internal Medicine Clerkships

2 stars

Course: Internal Medicine
Ownership: Yale School of Medicine
Cost: Free

This resource is limited to 16 topics. The topics that are covered are useful as a starting point for a discussion, but would need to be lead by a faculty member. The PPT slides cover the basics of the radiolic tests that would be used on a internal medicine rotation. The presentations are roughly 40-50 slides and contain clear images with corresponding text and are free and easy to download. But it is not set up like a course, and there are no videos or no exams.


This free resource consists of a set of objectives and downloadable cases studies. There are 16 case studies. These studies can be used by students for group based discussions, and by faculty to supplement learning. Each case study provides a brief history of the patient illness, and then lists questions that guide the student in making a diagnosis.

The website does not have any didactic lectures or any sort of clinical skill resources. There is no testing material on the website.


These are just Word documents of cases with questions. Faculty could use them as case studies for review session or as potential test questions. These would have limited usefulness for faculty or students otherwise. There is no instruction or interaction with these cases and all of that would need to be supplied by faculty teaching this course.