Medicine Clerkship (Inpatient)

2 stars

Course: Internal Medicine
Ownership: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Cost: Free

This resource is not a full course and does not teach internal medicine. However, the few topics that are covered on diagnostic reasoning, therapeutic reasoning, and EKGS are clear informative videos. Also, and though this resource is specific to UNC, reading this would give some good ideas on setting up clerkship. The CDIM/SGIM curriculum guide is an ok resource on learning objectives for internal medicine, although they are not very detailed.


This website has some good online lectures on clinical reasoning, and links to some great resources. It has objectives (they are not very detailed), and a guide to succeeding on a medicine clerkship. In particular, the videos and links for clinical reasoning, chest x-ray interpretation, and how to succeed on a medicine clerkship are very good. There are links to external videos for Chest X-ray interpretation which are very good. The website has self-graded quizzes with correct answers embedded in the lecture videos. Lectures are supplemented by handouts which can be downloaded from the website.

The website is a little confusing to navigate, and it takes a while to find the useful information. The page speed score is 0. The website alludes to didactic lectures which are not available online.


This might be useful as a resource for faculty who are directors of internal medicine clerkships. It has good organizational resources and links to resources for clerkship directors. The content for students is not that useful however.