Online MedEd

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Course: Surgery
Ownership: OnlineMedEd
URL: - General Surgery - Subspecialty - Trauma

Cost: Lecture videos are free, quizes and handouts require subscription


This website has videos, notes, and quizzes on general, subspecialty, and trauma surgery topics. The videos are hosted on YouTube, the content is well organized, clearly narrated, and video quality is good.

The free version is limited; one needs to pay to access lecture notes, audio podcasts lectures, and question banks. These range from $70/per month, $300/6 months, or $500/year.

Topics under general surgery include Preop Eval; Postop Fever; Other Postop; Obst Jaundice; Esophagus; Small Bowel; Pancreas; Gallbladder; Colorectal; Abdm Pain; Leg Ulcers; and Breast Cancer.

Topics under subspecialty surgery include Peds First; Peds Months; Endo Dz; Surgical Htn; Peds CT Surg; CT Surgery; Vascular; Peds Ophtho; Adult Ophtho; Skin Cancer; Neuro Bleed; Uro Peds; Uro Cancer; Uro Misc; Ortho Hand; and Ortho Peds.

Topics under trauma surgery include shock, head, neck, chest, abdomen, burns, and bites.


These are clear concise understandable lectures on all the major clinical topics covered in a medical school surgical rotation. These could save considerable faculty time, these could replace the lecture component of a surgical course.


This combined with videos of the actual surgery and some evaluation tools, and case