Pathology Atlas of Gross and Microscopic Images

3 stars

Course: Pathology
Ownership: Columbia University
Cost: Free

This resource might be used as self-study materials for students. It does not have any videos or testing material. However, it is free and includes good pictures with interactive labels.


This resource is a collection of slides (56 total) with explanations and interactive labels. The slides can be magnified and are easy to navigate, however as you zoom in the picture becomes less clear. When you click on a slide, a high resolution version opens up in a new window. The pictures can be viewed with or without labels. There is no testing material. It covers the whole scope of pathology, but does not include enough detail to replace an entire course.
Sections include Inflammation, Cell Injury, Repair and Physiologic Adaptive Responses, Neoplasia, and Infectious Agents. Each section includes multiple slides.


These might be useful for students to review as self-study materials. There are only 56 slides however so they could not replace the lecture, laboratory or evaluation components of a pathology course.