Basic Human Pathology: Part I and II

2 stars

Course: Pathology
Ownership: Tufts University
Cost: Free

This series of PowerPoint slides in a PDF format is free and well organized. However, the website does not have any videos, testing material or any other interactive features. Also many of the slides are missing key pictures, so the content is not comprehensive. It does not offer any additional information, apart from the content on the slides.


This resource consists of a series of PowerPoint slides, arranged according to the syllabus of the course. The content is well organized and the website is easy to navigate. lecture materials are available online. The slides are downloadable in PDF format.

Some slides are missing images because of copyright issues and each slide is uploaded on the site separately if you decide to view them online. The resource does not include any videos or testing material.

Topics are compartmentalized into General Pathology and Systemic Pathology. Each category includes a series of topics.


Faculty may be able to use these slides to prepare an individual lecture or a pathology course but the course would still need to be taught. These slides could save some time for faculty preparing lectures but would not replace any part of a traditional pathology course.