The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

4 stars

Course: Pathology
Ownership: Edward C. Klatt MD
Cost: Free

This resource is a free with images, explanations, and interactive exams. The content on the website is easy to navigate and well organized. It could be a significant aid to faculty teaching, and students learning, pathology. This could not replace any portion of a lab.


This resource consists of images, explanations, and interactive exams. It also includes tutorial sessions for different topics as well as multiple case studies. The resource offers general and subject review quizzes which are timed. There are over 2,700 images with text, 1300 examination items, and more than 20 tutorials. The content is well organized, seems complete, and is easy to navigate. The website links to a free Pathology of AIDS online textbook.

It may require high speed internet because each slide is uploaded individually. CD-ROM is available for institutional usage but for $395.

All the content is compartmentalized into General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Examinations, Virtual Patients, Anatomy – Histology, and multisubject and Pathology tutorials.

Note: Topics are Western based


There are no lectures or guided laboratory sessions so these would still need to be provided by a faculty member. However, there are hundreds of high quality images that could be used for teaching purposes or as a review for the students. In addition, the quiz questions and case studies are very good and could be used by students to review material.