Medical School Pathology

5 stars

Course: Pathology
Ownership: Washington Deceit 
Cost: Free

This online lecture series is free and can be accessed on YouTube as well. Lectures can be viewed online or downloaded in mp4 format. The lectures are comprehensive but somewhat slow so they perform better as initial lectures on the topics and not review sessions. The resource does not have any testing material or non-video content. Also needs corresponding text book material.


Medical School Pathology is a free online course taught by Dr. John R. Minarcik. It includes 63 online sessions. Each session is about 2 hours long; the series includes both lectures and histopathology labs. The entire lecture series is available on YouTube. The series is also available live, after free registration. The series has a good instructor, the slides and narrative are clearly articulated, and cover all the subjects for the course. Courses for the previous years can also be streamed or downloaded from the website.
At the beginning of each session, the instructor spends some time playing music and chit chatting, but this can easily be skipped. The website does not have any testing material.


These could replace many and maybe all of the normal lectures in a standard pathology course and therefore relieve faculty of a significant teaching burden. Laboratory sessions and evaluations and testing of students would still have to be done by faculty at the school.