Medical Neuroscience

3 stars

Course: Neuroanatomy
Ownership: Duke University/Coursera Inc.
Cost: Free ($49.00 for a verified certificate)

This is a complete neuroscience course offered online. It is free, but students have to sign up and create a Coursera account in order to gain access. Additionally, it is not offered year round and the quizzes have deadlines.


This course is not available year-round. Medical Neuroscience is a full online neuroscience course taught by a professor at Duke University. The course includes video lectures, notes, quizzes, exams, and an online discussion forum. The video lectures can be streamed online or downloaded. Each video lecture is accompanied by tutorial notes. Learning is also supported through interactive activities using digital atlases of the human brain and spinal cord.

Students have to sign up and create a free account through the Coursera website in order to gain access to the course material. Students receive a Statement of Accomplishment upon successful completion of the course. The course is not offered year-round and students must sign up according to the dates listed on the website. Additionally, the quizzes and exams have weekly/biweekly deadlines.

The course content is divided into 6 broad units: Neuroanatomy, Neural signaling, Sensory systems, Motor systems, Brain Development, and Cognition.


This is a full course taken synchronously and taught by Duke Unviersity Faculty, and would not require any additional faculty time.


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