Biochemistry Online: An Approach Based on Chemical Logic

zero stars

Course: Biochemistry
Ownership: Dr. Henry Jakubowski
Cost: Free

This resource is not comprehensive, and could only be used as review material. The teaching approach used could not be easily adapted to the biochemistry courses taught in most medical schools.


The content is disorganized, inconsistent, and not comprehensive. The website is not user friendly and difficult to navigate.

Chapters include the following: lipid structure, protein structure, carbohydrates/glycans, DNA, genomics and proteomics, binding (with interactive graphs), transport and kinetics, catalysis, oxidation/phosphorylation, signal transduction, and metabolic pathways. There are some additional web links including several biochemistry text sites, though some of those require purchase at the book site. There are also Moodle quizzes which require a password to access.


This is based on a very specific biochemistry class and approach to teaching that would not be easily translated to another school. This could not replace any part of a standard medical school biochemistry class.


The website Google Speed Score is 85/100, and is a good assessment as the website runs rather fast. All material must be accessed online and is not available to download.