Oregon State's Biochemistry YouTube Lecture Series

1 star

Course: Biochemistry 
Ownership: Oregon State University
URL: http://www.youtube.com/course?category=University%2FScience%2FBiology%2FBiochemistry&feature=edu&list=EC347B70A1CC0D91C6
Cost: Free

This resource is a free lecture series, but the quality of the videos is too poor to replace any portion of a biochemistry course.


These are videos of an instructor-led course on biochemistry for students at Oregon State University. The instructors speak clearly, but the PowerPoint slides are occasionally difficult to read from the video. In addition, these videos are not edited for outside viewing, so a lot of school specific course information is included.

Videos include the following topics: acids and bases, protein structure, protein characterization, hemoglobin, enzymes, catalytic strategies, allostery and regulation, carbohydrates, cellular signaling, metabolic control, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, glycogen metabolism, and review.

The videos do not offer supplemental materials or quizzes. Additionally, the quality of the videos is poor. The videos range in length, but are generally under one hour in duration.


These videos may help a medical student understand a particular topic in biochemistry,  but the quality of the lectures and the slides are not sufficient to replace any part of a standard course.


The videos are all streamed on the Oregon State University’s YouTube channel. The videos are not available for download and must be streamed online.