Biochemistry with a Medical Perspective

2 stars

Course: Biochemistry
Ownership: University of Toronto
Cost: 2016-2017 registration fee is CAN $1,200.00

This resource is too expensive to serve as a viable option to replace any portion of a biochemistry course. It seems to be a comprehensive, independent course, and it offers a Letter of Completion and a Grade Report upon completion. While the content level could not be fully evaluated, the materials seem sufficient for medical students based on the table of contents. It is also based on a fixed semester time schedule.


This resource is an online course taught by faculty from the University of Toronto through a series of intensive, illustrated video lectures. The course is scheduled three times a year, in the fall, winter, and summer semesters. The 54 video lectures are scheduled three times a week for 18 weeks in the fall and winter semesters, and compressed to 14 weeks in the accelerated summer semester. It is comprised of quizzes and tests, as well as video lectures. The course concludes with an invigilated exam in the student’s locality. The required textbook for the course is Biochemistry: A Short Course by John Tymoczko, adding an additional expense to this option. 

Instructors are available during their lecture component to address any questions students might have regarding the material. The course coordinator is responsible for the online material and will continually monitor the discussion board and address any problems or concerns with the lectures.


It is a complete biochemistry course with video lectures, course documents, web-based quizzes, and online instructor support. Students are expected to reinforce the online video lectures by referencing the required textbook. 


The website Google Speed Score is 64/100, however is number is irrelevant because the website is simply the page to purchase and receive access to an additional course site. The course site uses the Learning Management System, BlackBoard. Supported browsers include IE8 or higher, Firefox 3.6 or higher, Safari 4.0 or higher, and Chrome. Up to date Java must also be installed and enabled.

Within the BlackBoard platform, you will need Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or Flash in order to stream the videos. The videos are not available to download, and average around 300MB each. Therefore, a high-speed internet connection is necessary.