Histology Learning System

1 star

Course: Histology Lab
Ownership: Boston University
URL: http://www.bu.edu/histology/m/i_main00.htm
Cost: Free

This resource has  some helpful schematic charts, and could be used to help clarify difficult concepts in histology. However, without detailed images or comprehensive content, this resource could not replace any part of a histology course.


This resource contains a series of histology slides, with options to view anatomical figures and schematic charts for each topic. It does not have practice test questions and is not interactive. The pictures are not high quality. Users can add labels, but the image switches to black and white when labels are added.

Topics include Peripheral Blood Cells, Epithelial Tissue, Surface Specializations, and Glands, Connective Tissues, Cartilage and Bone, Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis, Nervous Tissue and Neuromuscular Junction, Muscle Tissue, and Circulatory System among others.


Because of the lack quality and interactivity of the images, this could not be used to replace any part of a microscopic anatomy course. 


This website has a Google Speed score of 99/100, which is a good indicator as the site is very simple and runs very smoothly. Up to date Java is necessary to use the microscopic image functions. There is no option to download images. Working offline is not an option.