Histology Podcasts by Dr. Paul Monaco

2 stars

Course: Histology
Ownership: East Tennessee State University
URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/histology-podcasts/id384931290?mt=10
Cost: Free

This resource is an iOS App, requiring an Apple device. It is not comprehensive, but has lectures and labs for the majority of a histology course.


This free mobile app has lectures and lab videos in the form of podcasts which could be used to replace portions of a histology course. The materials can be downloaded and used offline. The resource is missing some lectures, and some of the pictures are very small and difficult to see. 


Due to the fact this resource requires an Apple device to use, it would be hard for faculty to incorporate into their lectures unless it was a complete course.


This resource is an iOS App, which means iTunes is required as well as an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone.