MedPics UCSD

3 stars

Course: Hisotlogy Lab
Ownership: University of California, San Diego
Cost: Free

This resource offers slides with good descriptions and labels that are easy to learn from. The resource does not have quizzes. Students can self-evaluate, but would likely need to pair this resource with other text-focused resources. It could be used to replace the lab portion of a histology course.


The resource provides histology slides with excellent labels. Images are clear, giving students the opportunity to understand finer details. The content is well organized and can be viewed in standard or review/self-study mode. Each slide is accompanied by a summary and can be viewed in different sizes. There is very little detailed text accompanying the slides, requiring students to pair this resource with one of the written texts.

Topics include Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissue, Bone & Cartilage, Muscle Tissue, Nervous Tissue, Lymphoid Tissue, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Liver & Pancreas, Endocrine System, Urinary System, Reproductive System and Skin Histology.


Faculty would still need to prepare lectures on this material, and students would need access to a text. However, this could replace the lab portion of the course, significantly reducing faculty time required for labs.  


The Google Speed Score of this website is 81/100, and seems to run fairly fast considering all the high definition photos. The site requires an up to date version of Java installed on your computer. All browsers seem to be compatible.