University of Wisconsin Histology Website Resources

4 stars

Course: Histology
Ownership: University of Wisconsin
Cost: Free

The video components of this resource could replace the lab component of a histology course, but students would still need a lecture component. The videos provide a guided instruction through the laboratory component of a histology course. Students would need to visit another site in order to do self-directed virtual microscopy in order to fully learn this material.


This website contains 17 narrated and guided videos that could replace the lab component of a histology course. The instructor speaks clearly and narration is included at 1.5 and regular speeds. The resource is new. Students can manipulate the speed of the videos as well as add and remove labels from pictures.

The website also contains additional text/picture content grouped into 5 units Topics include Epithelium, Nerve Tissue, Skin, Digestive, Urinary, Respiratory, Bone, and Muscle among others. The pictures are clearly labeled with good descriptions.


This material provides a guided instruction of the lab material component of a Histology course. As a result, this could replace the lab portions of a standard course, requiring only evaluations (quizzes and exam) prepared by faculty. This could be a significant time saver for faculty; however, the lecture component of the course would still need to be delivered.


The Google Speed Score for the site is 84/100. Some of the high definition photos may take a few more seconds to load, but overall the site seems to run fairly fast.

The videos are streamed on a different website ( and this site has a Google Speed score of 69/100. Streaming the videos online may require a faster and stable internet connection, however all the videos are available to download (.mov files and .mp3 files)