Georgetown University's Anatomy Videos

4 stars

Course: Anatomy Lab
Ownership: Georgetown University
Cost: Free

This free resource features videos of cadaver dissections. The videos are comprehensive for an Anatomy Lab, and the topics are well organized. QuickTime is necessary to stream the videos, which may be a problem in areas with low bandwidth. Also, at times the videos are slightly blurry. For a school without a cadaver lab, these dissections would be very useful. However, without a lab schedule or evaluation method, this could not fully replace an Anatomy Lab.


This website features videos of dissections which can be used to supplement an Anatomy Lab course. The lab videos are comprehensive, but at some points slightly blurry. The videos range in length from 5 to 41 minutes, depending on the dissection. The different videos are well organized and easy to navigate. 

Video dissection categories are organized by Back, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Head & Neck, Upper Limb, and Lower Limb. Each category has its own set of videos.


For a school without a cadaver lab, these dissections would be useful. They would not replace the didactic part of the course, nor do they supply an evaluation method.


The website has a Google Speed Score of 67/100, which is mostly due to the time necessary to load individual videos. Loading times vary depending on internet speeds and we noticed that sometimes video does not come through clearly. QuickTime Player is required to stream all videos which is free to download on Macs, PCs, and iOS mobile devices.

Windows Requirements: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista or Windows 7, a PC with at least a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor and at least 512MB of RAM

Videos are only available to download if you are a Georgetown student. Public access is streaming only, and may be a problem in areas of low bandwidth.