University of Wisconsin's Gross Anatomy Dissections

5 stars

Course: Anatomy Lab
Ownership: University of Wisconsin
Cost: Free

The videos are free, well organized, easy to follow, and extremely comprehensive. They could be used to replace the individual teaching usually required in a cadaver lab. There is also an option to download the videos. Streaming or downloading videos may be difficult in areas of low bandwidth. However, once downloaded, the videos are offline accessible. 


This is a free website with great videos of dissections developed for the University of Wisconsin Gross Anatomy Dissection course. Each dissection video goes through the various steps, showing the different organs and tissues. The content is well-taught and sufficient enough to replace the cadaver lab. At the very least, the content would be great preparation for the cadaver lab. We found the videos to be so thorough that it almost feels as though you are going through the actual dissection in person. Each video is simple with no captions, no editing, and clear narration. There is also an option to increase the viewing speed to 1.5 times (you do not lose narration at the higher speed). The site features 24 videos total, each ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length.

Videos include: superficial thorax and abdomen, abdominal wall, back muscles and spinal cord, thorax, posterior thorax, peritoneal cavity, blood supply, posterior abdominal wall, split pelvis, perineum, the axilla, shoulder and arm, forearm and hand, hip and thigh, leg and foot, superficial face, infratemporal fossa, superficial neck, deep neck, cranial cavity, orbit, ear, mouth and pharynx, nasal cavity and larynx, and upper limb joints. The videos all appear to have been uploaded on May 17, 2015.


These videos are clear and comprehensive enough to replace the individual teaching usually required in a cadaver lab. They do not replace the didactic portions of an anatomy course. These could save significant faculty time usually devoted to cadaver teaching and could eliminate the need for an on-site cadaver lab.


The website has a Google Speed Score of 39/100, which is most likely due to the videos that are streamed directly on the site. There is, however, an option to download each video, as well as a full transcript. Streaming videos may be difficult in areas of low bandwidth, making the option to download a great solution.