Course: Anatomy Lecture and Anatomy Lab
Ownership: McMaster University

Cost: Free

The website provides a free comprehensive video library of PowerPoint anatomy lectures with voice-over. The anatomy lab videos are no longer available on the MacAnatomy website; however, all cadaver dissections can be accessed through their public YouTube channel. The content is at the medical student level. The lectures are very clear and straightforward. We found the clinical cases discussed during the lectures especially useful.  This resource has the potential to be a stand-alone course in anatomy; however it lacks a course schedule, lab assignments, and testing material.


This is a website with an online anatomy lecture course, complete with case files and videos of PowerPoint lectures with voice-over. The content is comprehensive, allowing you to completely learn the lecture component of anatomy. The lectures highlight numerous clinical cases, and contain material from previous semester courses, all of which seem to be up to date. In order to access all topics, you must first contact McMaster by email to request a passcode. Lab videos can be found on the MacAnatomy YouTube Channel.

The website is organized by course lectures listed by semester. The Pathology Modules, Specimen Library, and Lab Manuals and Materials are restricted access. It includes Anatomy modules with the following topics: Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Growth & Development, Head & Neck, Histology, Locomotor, Lymphatics, Nervous, Pelvis, Respiratory, and Urogenital. The lab videos to these topics are also restricted on the actual site, but are available on the YouTube Channel.

The Course Lecture videos range from 40 to 60 minutes. These videos contain a voice-over of a live Anatomy Lecture over the PowerPoint used during the class. The lab videos range from about 10 to 20 minutes


This material is quite comprehensive. Faculty might be needed for clarification, but this material, including the video lectures, lab demonstration and reading materials, could be used as a stand-alone anatomy course. For schools without cadaver specimens, this could be a suitable replacement for lab session.


The website has a Google Speed Score of 75/100, which is fairly high for a sight containing so many videos. However, the course lecture videos are streamed directly from the site and are rather lengthy (40-60 minutes), so it may require some time to load. This may not be possible in areas of low bandwidth. There is no option to download videos and save directly to a device. The lab video dissections are streamed through YouTube.