Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

4 stars

Course: Anatomy Lecture and Anatomy Lab
Ownership: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Cost: $79.95 for 6 months or $99.95 for a one year subscription. Or each section is $19.95/6 months or $24.95-39.95/1 year. Institutional rates are available and a 48-hour free trial.

This resource provides excellent, detailed videos of real cadaver demonstrations, with clear narrations and verbal labeling. The content is at a medical student level. It is also available in DVD, a great option for areas with low bandwidth or unstable internet. However, it is not free, there are no written labels, and it lacks the structure of an Anatomy lecture or lab, providing no quizzes/exams and no corresponding text book. For these reasons we give this resource 4 out of 5 stars.


This anatomy resource is a website which requires an online subscription to access their large database of Anatomy videos. It is also available as DVDs and through school licenses, if you request them. The videos contain more than 300 demonstrations of human cadaver dissections. The dissections are very clear and the cadavers are shown as three-dimensional objects. The instructor verbally defines each part of the human body, shows movements, and describes how each part works with the other. The videos are high quality and clearly narrated. We find the real cadaver demonstrations to be most useful. The option to purchase the DVDs makes it easily available to areas with inconsistent internet.

The videos would be enhanced by written labels, allowing students to see the name of the anatomic structure in addition to hearing it. The resource also lacks quizzes/exams and a corresponding text book. We do not believe this resource could replace an entire anatomy lab or lecture. 

The videos are organized into the following areas of the body: The Upper Extremity, The Lower Extremity, The Trunk, The Head and Neck, and The Internal Organs and Reproductive System. Each area is well organized. Video demonstrations range from 3 to 5 minutes. Within each of the main categories, there are several sub-sections which are organized by introduction videos, videos of each topic, and review videos.

There are PDF transcripts available for each video.


This resource could not replace an entire course; however the videos are comprehensive enough that they could replace daily lectures and cadaver dissections in a gross anatomy course.


This could save considerable faculty time by replacing lectures and cadaver demonstrations. Exams and schedule would still need to be prepared by the faculty, and a complimentary text book would need to be provided. 


The website is accessible from your computer and mobile or tablet devices. For computer access, they recommend using the latest browser versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, and also having the most up to date version of Flash Player installed. For iOS and Android devices Flash is not required, as the video will be served in a non-Flash format.

The website has a Google Speed Score of 74/100, which is reasonable and should not encounter loading problems in most areas. But, for those countries with limited internet access and low bandwidth or inconsistent internet, DVDs are available which can be shipped internationally.