Human Biochemistry

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Course: Biochemistry
Ownership: Charles Dreiling, University of Nevada
Cost: $159.00

This resource is expensive and uses out-dated technology. Without a sample video to demo, it is hard to evaluate the usefulness of the content. It adds little to a standard course and likely does not significantly reduce faculty time.


Human Biochemistry is a full course on a set of 3 DVDs, 450 pages of detailed diagrams, and 350 multiple choice test questions for self-evaluation. The content is confusing to navigate.

DVD 1: Introduction, Water/pH/Buffers, Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins, Quiz 1, Thermodynamics, Enzyme Kinetics, Quiz 2, Metabolism, Carbohydrates, and Quiz 3.
DVD 2: Lipids, Quiz 4, Integration, Quiz 5, Amino Acids, Quiz 6, Nucleotides, Quiz 7 and Clinical Topics.
DVD 3: Acidosis/Alkalosis, Quiz 8, Hemoglobin, Heme, Quiz 9, Serum Proteins, Diagnostic Enzymes, Quiz 10, Vitamins/Cofactors, Diseases of: Lipids (Review), Quiz 11, Carbohydrates, Quiz 12, Amino Acids, Nucleotides, Quiz 13, Endocrine Diseases, and Quiz 14.

Due to the cost, it is not possible to judge how useful this resource could be. 


This resource adds little to a standard course and likely does not significantly reduce faculty time.


The website’s Google Speed Score is 97/100. However, we were not able to test the full site as it requires a fee. The DVD files must be decompressed before ready to watch, which means you will require a video decoder installed on your computer, for example Windows Media Player (v. 9 or higher). Other system requirements are Pentium 90 or better running Windows 9X or better, SVGA 24-bit display adapter, Netscape or Internet Explorer (frames capable versions), 8 MB RAM, 8-bit sound card or better.

Mac computers are not supported, and may or may not be able to play the DVDs.